Hotspot Wifi in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Hello, welcome to the world of Canarias Smart Internet Wifi Hotspot.  We strive to make your holidays or business trip as wonderful as they should be. We support our customers with travel hotspot mobile system, MIFI. As it turns out, internet connectivity seems to be the most significant downfall of traveling by far.

Almost,  Canary Islands Hotels have very slow internet speeds. Probably the ones that have fast speed WiFi slow down when many people connect at the same time. Moreover, too many people connected to the same Hotspot creates a security risk of a data breach which can lead to nightmares like extortion and leaking of data online.

So we here at Canarias Smart tackle these security and speed issues to make sure that your day is not ruined. First of all, you are on vacations. To enjoy yourself and we are here to make sure that you do. Therefore Canarias Smart provides a vast range of internet solutions that are secure, safe, reliable and mobile. We operate on all seven of our beautiful Canary Islands:

Tenerife. Fuerteventura. Gran Canaria. Lanzarote. La Gomera.  El Hierro. La Palma.


Hotspot WiFi To Go

Especially relevant you only have WiFi in your hotel room, that too, and is via a public connection making your connection unsafe and a threat to security. As a result, Canarias Smart provides you a WiFi portable modem (MIFI)  which will be personally yours during your vacation. Yes, you will have your own separate hotspot modem also where only your family or friends can connect to ensure 100% security. Moreover, you will be able to access the internet wherever you go with the portable WiFi modem Hotspot (MIFI), highly increasing your positive experience. Share photos or videos with friends and family right away, video calls your best friend from your own hotspot in anywhere on the Canary Islands, or just publishing on your social networks. You will not have to worry to get back to your hotel room to connect to the internet.


Only Data SIMs

Therefore this deal is ideal for people who prefer only a single device to connect to the internet; or just has own portable WIFI modem (MIFI). So Data SIMs of multiple tiers are at your disposal to ensure a mobile and safe experience all vacation long. Pay as you Go Data SIMs are an excellent option for business travelers who need instant and steady internet connection which is not only fast but also reliable. In addition, your own 4G connection eliminates any risk of security breach. Also, ensures that no malicious person or software meddles with your confidential information. Choose the data plan of your choice from our packages that can meet all types of budgets and you are good to go!

Only data Sim

Delivery and Pick-up of Devices

You don't need to visit our office to buy our services. After a long day's journey, you need to rest and relax, we will be taking care of delivering the portable WiFi modem (MIFI) or Data SIM to your doorstep. Payment can be done via bank transfer or through online payment using PayPal, and the service will be delivered to your hotel o resort. Same goes for picking up the modems: at the end of your visit, our representative will personally visit you at your hotel to receive the modem device.


Canarias Smart provides internet solutions that are ideal if you are a business traveler, if you are going to roam around the beautiful Canary Island a lot, you are sensitive about your data and/or need instant fast 4G coverage wherever you go. Your safety and satisfaction are our first and foremost priority here at CanariasSmart, feel free to browse through our packages and choose the one suitable for your budget. We warmly welcome you to the wonderful Canary Islands.

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